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Small + friendly: DIY: Simple Knit Hat

Date: 2018-01-11 12:30

Hi Pat! Sounds like you ended up on the wrong page one of the newsletter links were broken perhaps? For the most recent pattern, you can always just go to the home page! 🙂 The Mesmerizing Mini Bag is HERE.

Free #Crochet Pattern: Weekend Weather Afghan - moogly

And that’s the final set of 8 zodiac signs. I hope you enjoy all 67 signs, and will stay tuned to see what I turn them into!

Zodiac Crochet Appliques Set #4: Libra, Scorpio - moogly

The weather right now is so changeable warm one minute, cool the next, and then a thunderstorm, hail, snow, or a couple tornadoes just to keep things interesting all in a weekend. And that 8767 s what inspired the Weekend Weather Afghan!

Soon as I can, I’m going to stitch them to some 6″ solid granny squares – and mix those up with the Fates Square … and have a zodiac baby blanket or maybe a bag! I hope you enjoy all the patterns!

* Note: This makes a child sized hat. 5665 It is very easy to make a larger or smaller version by casting on more or less stitches (in mulitples of 8) based on gauge (see step 6).

6. 5665 Add a pom pom! 5665 Top a little wonking? 5665 Or simply wish to stay on trend ? 5665 Pom pom to the rescue! 5665 I made one by wrapping yarn around four fingers like this. 5665 Tie that bad boy on and enjoy! 5665

Round 8: With Color C, join to any stitch of the blanket, ch 6, twisted sc in each st around, working (twisted sc, ch 7, twisted sc) in each corner ch-7 sp break yarn and finish off.

Round 7: With Color B, join to any stitch of the blanket, ch 6, sc in each st around, working (sc, ch 7, sc) in each corner ch-7 sp break yarn and finish off.

And that 8767 s a blanket! I made it in a weekend, and that 8767 s including design time, so I know you can too! The Weekend Weather Afghan is perfect for a quick gift with big impact, a great pattern to zone out with, and a cozy blanket to cuddle up with. I hope you enjoy this free speed crochet blanket pattern!

5. 5665 Decrease 5665 (see video at 9:56). 5665 Note: I simply followed the linked video to complete my hat. 5665 Place markers every eight stiches, then on the next round, knit until you are two stiches in front of a marker and then knit those two stiches together ( k7tog ). 5665 Continue this way until you come to the last 9 stiches, pulling the needle cable out between stiches when things get too tight. 5665 Close the hat up by threading the yarn through those last 9 stitches. 5665 (Pst, I cheated and tied a tiny knot.)

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