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Date: 2018-01-05 01:35

Totally agree! Props to Boss 8767 s wife for being clear and firm in that situation. I can 8767 t figure out what the slur even was and I 8767 m feeling thankful I 8767 m left in the dark. Sometimes naivete wins out!

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To be clear: I am in full agreement with Alison. I 8767 m with the others who think firing is not too severe a consequence (note: I 8767 m not saying 8775 punishment 8776 I mean a natural consequence of being a person whom good people don 8767 t want to be around).

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I recognize this comment is a few months old at this point, and that what I 8767 m about to ask isn 8767 t directly on topic, but I have been researching Trottiers in search of an relative who bears the surname but is registered as a woman of colour (. black/white) in French-Canadian records.

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Well it wasn 8767 t until 7558 that the question got some serious attention.  The Supreme Court of Canada heard a case involving a father and son who shot a moose out of season and without a license.  Exciting stuff, no?  No!?  Well it turned out to be exciting.  For the first time, it gave us a basic legal definition besides half-Indian, half-European to discuss.

Yes discrimination against whites happens. It happens in hiring and college aid and admissions (racial quotas) and non-whites are allowed to discriminate against whites without repercussions. I grew up, white, in Hawaii. I know what it 8767 s like not to be able to get a 8775 good 8776 job like cop or bus driver. But all the same, the local carpenter 8767 s union had a white guy who wanted to hire me. That would have been a better choice than the financial black hole of college.

An obviously native passer-by stopped me and asked if I was native. I said I was Metis, whereupon he shouted 8775 I 8767 m Cree!!! 8776 followed by a slew of French as he began attacking me

Hi Carl, I too am from lac- st Jean and have experienced a similar thing. I finally had the time to apply for my Metis card with CMDRSM. I was amazed to find out that I understood and spoke the French/ Michif.. I was always embarrassed of my patois du lac. I never knew it was an official language and something I should be proud of.

Eh. I would mention it either by agreeing with the boss 8767 wife in the moment + some very strong WTF faces or by mentioning it later, privately. I might say, 8775 Jane, I just want to let you know that your language at boss 8767 house made me really uncomfortable, too. I didn 8767 t want to pile on, but I also wanted you to know that I agree with her, and if I heard that kind of language at work, I would feel obligated to report it to the boss. 8776
If Jane complained about the wife 8767 s coldness to me, I would say, 8775 Well, you said something pretty offensive, so I don 8767 t know why you 8767 re surprised that she 8767 s offended. Frankly, I 8767 m on her side. 8776

Nice. I used to be better at having discussions about these kind of things for bystanders, but these days I just feel so very tired and am much more retiring. *sigh*

OP does not HAVE to say anything. But I dont agree that she has no reason to bring it up, if that racism was a thing that bothered her.

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