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7D6N is an extremely popular Korean BBQ restaurant along Tanjong Pagar road. The actual name for this place is Ssikkek Korea BBQ and they are located at the top of the 7D6N restaurant. But because its a hard to pronounce its Korean name, most Singaporeans just remember this place as 7D6N. Remember it is not the same and access is through the side staircase next to 7D6N.

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Their meat balls (Beef, chicken, pork and fish) are all hand made by their in-house kitchen staff. It's yummy and full of flavor, unlike commercial pork balls which are springy, sweet and taste of food additives. The green spinach noodle is their spin on normal yellow wanton noodles. It might look unappetizing but after you have cooked it in the sweet broth, it is amazing!

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wangkh says: " If you translate the Chinese name, it meant "longevity pot". What a good place to celebrate birthdays especially for your parents or parent-in-laws. I had been to their indoor stadium branch many times.

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In Singapore, wet market is so-called because people clean the floors with water after washing vegetables or cleaning fish and thus it is often wet. However, a typical wet market is not totally wet. There are two sections in each wet market – the wet area and the dry area. Products such as meat, poultry and fish are displayed at the wet section while herbs, spices, grain, beans, dried noodles and dried seafood are on sales at the dry area.

Dining here is an attractive option if your partners are concerned about hygiene. It's somewhere with decent ambience which you can even bring your relatives without being given disapproving looks. The sauces and dishes here are served with immaculate cleanliness, which is a refreshing change from the Bugis steamboats. And its only a few dollars more expensive!

Address: #B6-99E, Raffles City 757 North Bridge Road
Prices: Lunch $++ (Weekday) Dinner: $++ (Weekday)
Lunch $++ (Weekend) Dinner: $++ (Weekend )
Reservation: 6887 8798

When I first came here I was unaware of their chicken buffet and I felt they were overpriced. $68 for four pieces of chicken may seem expensive so just add a few more dollars to get the buffet and your meal becomes so much more worthwhile. Not to mention they are easily in the top 8 Korean friend chicken stores in Singapore. Their chicken comes in plenty of flavours, I recommend the Swicy (a Sweet-Spicy hybrid) and Crispy versions.

Finally, there is free flow of fried food - super spicy chicken, man tou, Shi Sha mo etc. So forget the antagonizing wait while your raw food cooks and tuck in right away! Chloe loves Shi Sha Mo so she especially loves coming here. And the price? Just $ NET. Amazing!

Address: #59-78, Ngee Ann City, 896 Orchard Road, Singapore 788877
Price: Lunch: $76++ Dinner: $97++
Reservation: 6789 7887

Address: 7 Stadium Walk, Singapore 897696
OG Orchard Point, Level 9, 665 Orchard Road Singapore 788897
Lunch: $++ (Weekday) Dinner: $++ (Weekend)
Reservation: 6788 9965 (Orchard), 6897 8875 (Stadium)

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